Resume writer, career coach Harriet Zlotowitz says, “Sasha is perfectly bilingual Russian/English, responds generously and promptly to requests. More than a highly professional translator, she also demonstrates empathy to the client related to the nature of the project. I would recommend her work without reservation and plan to seek her assistance with other projects as they occur.”

Playwright and poet, author of Unfolding Origami and Past Imperfect, poetry collections from Britain’s Cinnamon Press, David Olsen says, “I read your two online pamphlets and was deeply impressed. I hope that you will continue writing poetry and urge you to submit it.”

Poet, writer, founder of Mind’s Eye Poetry Molly Middleton Meyer says, “I absolutely love the article. You did a great job (in a few words) describing what is possible when we open our minds to the value of poetry, not just in an academic setting, but for all of us.”

Composer, concert pianist, singer/songwriter Nataliya Medvedovskaya says, “You possess a rare combination of absolutely everything that distinguishes a highly professional and truly talented translation: adherence to all the smallest details of the original, preservation of the same meaning of words, the same mood and music of verse…We could only dream about this before we met you!” 

Co-author of How To Be a Writer in the E-Age: a Self-Help Guide Anne R. Allen says, “Thanks so much Sasha. It shows that no matter how much you proofread, there will still be something. This has gone through two professional editors, an agent read, AND a professional proofreader. You certainly have an eagle eye!”