About Sasha

Sasha A. Palmer is a Russian-born poet, writer, and translator who lives in Baltimore, MD. Her work has appeared in Writer’s Digest, Writing Tips Oasis, and Slovo/Word among other online and print publications. Her poem “Storytelling” won first prize and The Most Powerful Piece title in the international poetry contest The Loneliness Project in 2016. Her English translation of Bella Akhmadulina’s  poem “To Boris Messerer” won third prize in the international translation contest Compass Award in 2016.

Sasha has a thing for the word “amateur” and tries to follow the motto she has created: Live for the Love of it.

What a delight to see you, friend! 
Each time you’re here, my worries end.
Live for the Love of it, I say,
Come seize this fleeting dazzling day, 
Oh, do not leave
My humble site,
Enjoy it, friend. I think you might.