“A natural river never…”

“A natural river never flows more than 10 times its width before making a turn.”

(A tidbit taken from Tristan Gooley’s “How to Read Water.”)

Read “Studying the Face of the Deep” by Angus Phillips to learn more about Gooley and his book (WSJ/Books/Sat-Sun, Aug 27–28, 2016.)

What’s a Field?

Russian village

“Once we learn that a field is ‘an ancient noun connoting human effort,’ every time we encounter the word we can ask ourselves what the effort involved is–thus a coalfield becomes about the miners’ sweat, not the coal.”

Tristan Gooley on What Is Landscape? by John R. Stilgoe

The Wall Street Journal, Sat/Sun, Dec. 12–13, 2015, BOOKS OF THE YEAR