Do You Clogyrnach?

The sun’s asleep tucked in a cloud
The land — beneath the wintry shroud
On a dried out vine
Sits fiery sunshine —
A red cardinal proud.

This is one of my attempts at the form called clogyrnach.

Join the clogyrnach party over at Poetic Asides, it’s fun, and if your poem’s chosen — you’ll be published in Writer’s Digest! (Make sure to enter your poem by March 15.)


December Landays

“It (a landay) must take on one of five subjects: meena, love; jang, war; watan, homeland; biltoon, separation; and, finally, gham, which means despair or grief.”Eliza Griswold.

December Landays

Do not play games with love — you won’t win:
Love is a cheat with a marked card always up its sleeve.

The era of mercy is delayed.
The mankind fails to learn, and the bell still tolls, tolls, tolls…

Across the ocean there stands a tree
that prays for me — a leaf torn off its branch is my soul.

For what is space if we can face time,
and talk, and smile, and laugh, and lean in, and touch the screen?

There is a different kind of blue:
deeper, and broken — a shard of the yesterday skies.

©Sasha A. Palmer 2016


This December try your hand at Landays.


Last Night


Last night again I dreamt of you. 
You walked across the field of wheat,
And didn’t know I was there, too,
Or maybe didn’t want to know,
Or didn’t care to count to two–
You never had a knack for math.
You sailed the cooling seas of dew,
Bluebells lay crushed beneath your feet.
You walked alone, and we both knew.


Written for WD Magic 9 Poetic Form Challenge 


This poem of mine made the top 10 of the WD Decima Challenge:

I will be your long lost lover
I will be your helpless daughter
I’ll become what you have sought for
Wedded wife, the missing mother
Summer pastures lose their fervor
Autumn gold is for the taking
Harvest Moon will soon be waning
Come and reap what you have planted
Come and gather all you’ve wanted
I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting


Thank you.

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