A Small Niche, Instapoetry, & Bragging Time

Did you know that some magazines focus on work created by disabled writers?

“These magazines accept fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, essays, novel and memoir excerpts, reviews, drama, and, in some cases, artwork.”

Try your hand at Instapoetry.

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This clogyrnach/acrostic of mine made the Top 10 list on WD Poetic Asides:

Last night the western welkin shone
In bridal glory, moonlight donned
The pure white and red
As Mars Venus wed;
Night is dead —
You are gone.


“The Cranes Are Flying”

Great Patriotic War

June 22, 1941 — May 9, 1945

The Cranes are Flying (The Criterion Collection)

The Cranes Are Flying (Летят Журавли)
Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov
Written by Viktor Rozov (play and screenplay)
Starring Tatyana Samojlova and Aleksey Batalov
Music by Moisey Vaynberg
Outstanding cinematography by Sergey Urusevsky
Studio Mosfilm