A Small Niche, Instapoetry, & Bragging Time

Did you know that some magazines focus on work created by disabled writers?

“These magazines accept fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, essays, novel and memoir excerpts, reviews, drama, and, in some cases, artwork.”

Try your hand at Instapoetry.

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This clogyrnach/acrostic of mine made the Top 10 list on WD Poetic Asides:

Last night the western welkin shone
In bridal glory, moonlight donned
The pure white and red
As Mars Venus wed;
Night is dead —
You are gone.


Bragging Time: Compass Award 2016

My English translation of Bella Akhmadulina’s poem “To Boris Messerer” (1974) won third prize in the international translation contest Compass Award 2016:

To Boris Messerer

I later would recall: I was alive,
and it was winter, snowing, and my heart,
consumed with burning, ached, I was in love —
with whom? with what?
In Povarskaya street
(the name has changed) there was a house… The live-
long day, the whole night through I was in love —
with whom? with what?
The house in that old street,
the space that’s called a studio in which
an artist works.
Work lured the artist out
into the cold. Alone, I would await
his steps. Framed by the window, night drew on.
I later would recall: I looked upon
that waiting labor as my being’s aim,
but even then I could not help but pair
the urgency of tender hours that fleet —
with future woes… The house in that old street —
with the unheard-of day approaching fast,
when I’d recall that house, left in the past…





“Unlock your heart…”

Miracle on the 34th Street.png

“I feel no Christmas,” cried a little girl,
“I don’t feel any of the Christmas cheer…
The tree is up and lit, the garlands swirl,
And Rudolph leads his pack of swift reindeer,

But I feel nothing,” sobbing would not cease.
Old Santa hugged her, “Don’t be sad, my dear,
They are not always real -– the things one sees,
What’s real is hidden from the eye, but near.

So close your eyes, put on your largest grin,
Unlock your heart and let your Christmas in.”


Originally posted on http://www.thehappyamateur.com in December 2013.

Image credit: “Miracle on 34th Street”

“Kill your darlings?..”

I wrote LIGHTNESS about six years–a long time–ago. Is it flawed? Absolutely. Does it have cliches? You bet. Why hang on to it? For all its flaws and cliches, when I reread it now, it doesn’t make me wish the earth could swallow me up.

Instead of “killing my darling” I’m publishing it on Wattpad. Why Wattpad? And why not?

Six images that combine Chandra data with those from other telescopes.

This will be a twelve-part story. The first part went up yesterday. Be on the lookout for the second part tomorrow. The rest of LIGHTNESS will be published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays — through January 2nd, 2017.

Submitted for your approval.


December Landays

“It (a landay) must take on one of five subjects: meena, love; jang, war; watan, homeland; biltoon, separation; and, finally, gham, which means despair or grief.”Eliza Griswold.

December Landays

Do not play games with love — you won’t win:
Love is a cheat with a marked card always up its sleeve.

The era of mercy is delayed.
The mankind fails to learn, and the bell still tolls, tolls, tolls…

Across the ocean there stands a tree
that prays for me — a leaf torn off its branch is my soul.

For what is space if we can face time,
and talk, and smile, and laugh, and lean in, and touch the screen?

There is a different kind of blue:
deeper, and broken — a shard of the yesterday skies.

©Sasha A. Palmer 2016


This December try your hand at Landays.