On New Voices, Froyo, & Pen Names

Submissions for The Masters Review New Voices category are free, and open year round. A paid market. Check it out.

Froyo–frozen yogurt–is now officially a word. The Merriam-Webster.com dictionary has gotten bigger, this time by over 250 new words and definitions.

Anne R. Allen’s post on writing under pseudonyms in the digital age. Find out if/when it’s a good idea.


On Awesomeness, Top 5, & Golden Age

“You can do it: whatever your little piece of awesome is.” Unleash the power of awesome.

Brian A. Klems is on a quest to build a list of books every writer should read. See what he’s come up with so far, and add your top five.

“America is in a golden age of poetry production.” — Lee Briccetti, longtime executive director of Poets House. Read this article on Poets & Writers site.

On Colors & Books, B&W, & Gemini

“Reference books and other nonfiction can benefit from cooler colors such as dark blue or brown. Dark blue conveys a functional message, while brown suggests an air of high quality in this context.” Dive into color psychology that affects what and how we read.

The 4th Annual International B&W CHILD 2017 PHOTO COMPETITION, Second Half, is open for submissions. The competition celebrates black and white photographs of children. Take your pics. Submit.

The 8th Annual Gemini Magazine Poetry Open accepts submissions. Poems must be unpublished, but work displayed on personal blogs is eligible. First prize: $1,000.

On $20K for a 100 Words, Flash, & Milkweed Editions

he César Egido Serrano Foundation has launched the V International Flash Fiction Competition. An overall first prize of $20K will be awarded for the best 100-word story in any of the languages authorized in the contest: Spanish, English, Arabic or Hebrew. Read the competition rules.

“Flash-write a portion of your book,” advise Jody Rein and Michael Larsen. Find out how, and why.

Milkweed Editions is open to single-author collections of poetry. Submissions will close when the editors receive 800 manuscripts, or on October 31, 2017 (whichever comes first). Manuscripts must be at least 60 pages long. Read the guidelines, and submit.