Pride, Profit, & Poetry

Mackay Bell–by his own admission “not a huge fan of poetry”–in the comments on The Passive Voice proposes a bona fides digital strategy for poets:

1. Write great poems (whatever that means) and post them on a blog.

2. Mix the shorter poems with some graphics or artwork and format them into a JPEG pic that looks good on Twitter and Facebook. Send those out one by one and then repeat. (In other words, you don’t have to make a new one every day, if you have twenty or so you can rotate them. Better if you have 50 or more.)

3. Read your poetry aloud on short videos and posts to You Tube.

4. How do you monetize? Collect the poetry into books and self-publish on Kindle. If you have enough of a fan base you might even be able to get paid for readings or set up Patreon fund me.

What do you think, poets?



2 thoughts on “Pride, Profit, & Poetry

  1. Ugh. The same advice applies to anything that’s self-published, and it all has about the same chance of success. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but there is no magic bullet, no one, foolproof strategy, and no success with some measure of luck. 😦

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  2. My favorite is the first half of #1 — “Write great poems” — I’ll take that!

    I agree, there’s no magic bullet, but this strategy caught my eye, because it talks about things that are, if anything, fun for poets to try. I like, for instance, the pairing of an image and a short poem, or a line from a poem. My friend Janet Martin sometimes posts Pho-etry as she calls it, and I love what she does.
    I enjoy listening to a good reading of a poem. If I were okay with my voice and my ability to recite poetry, I’d definitely try recording myself. For some a Youtube channel might be just the thing.

    I wouldn’t expect to make money from following this strategy, but trying new things and having fun is always good, isn’t it? 🙂


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