Maiden’s Prayer (poem)

And if I’m not what you want, or what you need, I’ll heed,
I’ll be the ship, the wind, the sails, the blessed waves,
the endless sea I’ll be, and—pray for me—
you’ll sail away, away…


“Sasha A. Palmer’s poignant poem in the manner of Emily Dickinson.” Thank you, David.

Leonard Cohen’s Last Farewell

“But along with other great masters: Bob Dylan certainly, Joni Mitchell, Kanye West — everybody’s got their own list — Leonard Cohen is way up there in the ranks of American song, and songwriters,” — David Remnick says prior to sharing his interview with Leonard Cohen.

Kanye West in a tribute to Cohen? Leonard Cohen — an American songwriter?

If you’re bothered by this introduction, you aren’t alone. Just let it go, for what follows is a good interview. Focus on listening to Leonard Cohen speak.