Have a Happy 2017

A beautiful wintry postcard from my Moscow.

A few images of Prague found their way into the slideshow. This mix up came as an unexpected and thoughtful gift — I lived in Prague for eight years and made many happy memories there.

Here’s to making great memories in 2017!

“Unlock your heart…”

Miracle on the 34th Street.png

“I feel no Christmas,” cried a little girl,
“I don’t feel any of the Christmas cheer…
The tree is up and lit, the garlands swirl,
And Rudolph leads his pack of swift reindeer,

But I feel nothing,” sobbing would not cease.
Old Santa hugged her, “Don’t be sad, my dear,
They are not always real -– the things one sees,
What’s real is hidden from the eye, but near.

So close your eyes, put on your largest grin,
Unlock your heart and let your Christmas in.”


Originally posted on http://www.thehappyamateur.com in December 2013.

Image credit: “Miracle on 34th Street”

“Not once have I ever had the time…”

“Not once have I ever had the time to ask myself, “Are my songs literature?”

So, I do thank the Swedish Academy, both for taking the time to consider that very question, and, ultimately, for providing such a wonderful answer.”

From Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

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