Make $ with Kindle


“It is this formula first stated by Fred Gleeck: TBR = BR + ABR

It means your total book revenues are your book royalties
combined with what I call “ancillary book revenues.” …

You get ABR in a variety of ways.These can include

  •  paid speaking engagements
  • … consulting …
  • rendering your professional services (copywriting, law,
    psychotherapy, or whatever) …
  • and gaining a reputation as a
    recognized expert that can help sell more of your other books and products.

So don’t expect to get rich from the BR of your Kindle e-book
sales on Amazon. It happens, but rarely.

However, making a handsome TBR happens to a lot of Kindle e-book
and traditional paperbound book authors — thanks to the ABR.”

— Bob Bly  (an excerpt from an email newsletter)

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