The hot July noonday 
Was pregnant with storm 
She moved like a doe 
And he watched her lean form
Shine through the thin curtain
Of her simple white dress
And he wanted to lift it
And to kiss her small breasts
But she said, ‘No love don’t —
They’ll find us you’ll see
They’ll trace us and chase us
And they’ll kill you and me’
Her petal lips trembled
And he bowed his head
Yes he wanted to kiss her
But he listened instead
And they moved through the forest
And the air stood still
And the hunters went home
With their day’s kill.


Sasha A. Palmer

linking to dVerse Open Link Night #174


Owl You Need Is “Uyui”

Charmingly clumsy Russian lyrics by a French student of Russian. Mesmerizing music by a French composer. Performed in Russian with a heavy accent by a French band. Animation created by different artists from different cities and countries.

A delightfully imperfect surrealistic mix.

In a nut shell, whenever the singer-storyteller’s down in the dumps or in dire straits, he hears these tender owls calling him from behind “Uyui” and feels his heart lighten.