Alive and Well

Salvete omnes! (Hello, everyone!)

A fun article on Latin’s comeback.

“Cantemus!” (“Let’s sing!”)


The Wall Street Journal, Review, Sat./Sun., June 25–26, 2016

More or Less


“Marketing in this day and age is not about casting a wide net to get all the fish. It’s about knowing who your audience is, understanding where the best spots to find them are, and going narrow with the best channels for optimum results. If you want maximum results from your social media channels, less is more.”

–Chris Syme, social media expert

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Ouch! Sharp-tongued

The Paris Review delves into Anna Akhmatova’s sarcasm.

Here’s my attempt at translating the epigram:

Could to create like Dante Beatrice seek, 
Would Laura’s ardent verses cause a riot? 
A woman, I taught women how to speak… 
But, Lord, how could I ever keep them quiet!

The Russian original:

Могла ли Биче словно Дант творить,
Или Лаура жар любви восславить? 
Я научила женщин говорить… 
Но, Боже, как их замолчать заставить!



Make $ with Kindle


“It is this formula first stated by Fred Gleeck: TBR = BR + ABR

It means your total book revenues are your book royalties
combined with what I call “ancillary book revenues.” …

You get ABR in a variety of ways.These can include

  •  paid speaking engagements
  • … consulting …
  • rendering your professional services (copywriting, law,
    psychotherapy, or whatever) …
  • and gaining a reputation as a
    recognized expert that can help sell more of your other books and products.

So don’t expect to get rich from the BR of your Kindle e-book
sales on Amazon. It happens, but rarely.

However, making a handsome TBR happens to a lot of Kindle e-book
and traditional paperbound book authors — thanks to the ABR.”

— Bob Bly  (an excerpt from an email newsletter)

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