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Fifty Five Years Ago

First Orbit:

2.19 Гагарин: Поехали! (Off we go!)

7.40 Гагарин: ЗАРЯ, я КЕДР, наблюдаю облака над Землёй–мелкие, кучевые–и тени от них. Красиво. Красота! Как слышите? Приём. (DAWN, this is CEDAR, I’m watching clouds over the Earth–small, cumulus–and shadows of them. Beautiful.Beautiful! How do you read? Over.)

Confucius et al., and Anne R. Allen

On the paralyzing effect of “concrete, defined plans for life,” the glory of change, and the liberating power of play and experimentation.

“The talents and weaknesses we are born with get in the way if we allow them to determine what we can and cannot do. The only thing you really need to be good at is the ability to train yourself to get better.”

— Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh (with a nod to Xunzi), from “The College of Chinese Wisdom,” The Wall Street Journal, Review, Sat.–Sun., April 2–3, 2016

“Having fun and letting yourself play can be the key to unlocking that box and freeing your creativity from the beliefs you don’t even realize are keeping you trapped inside.”

— Anne R. Allen, from the post “We are All Prisoners or Our Unexamined Beliefs: Is a False Belief Holding Back Your Writing Career?”