Got Them?

Cooking up a title for your eBook, course, book?

Make sure you have these 3 ingredients.

More on the power of names.

From the Shark’s Mouth

The best approach is to use italics very very judiciously.
Start with thinking you can’t use any, and then use it only if you absolutely must.¬†

–Janet Reid, ¬†Literary Agent (aka Shark)

What’s a Field?

Russian village

“Once we learn that a field is ‘an ancient noun connoting human effort,’ every time we encounter the word we can ask ourselves what the effort involved is–thus a coalfield becomes about the miners’ sweat, not the coal.”

Tristan Gooley on What Is Landscape? by John R. Stilgoe

The Wall Street Journal, Sat/Sun, Dec. 12–13, 2015, BOOKS OF THE YEAR