I paint, write, and make music

“I paint, write, and make music, but these are mundane descriptions. We are all creative but some of us have it in our nature, or necessity, to maintain this and give whatever art form we choose preeminence in our lives. I believe that all these attributes are non-personal and from God: any minor investigation into reality will reveal that we create nothing within the universe; we merely manifest within it. What we are is not very clear to us.”

Billy Childish

What’s the Title?

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”

the first line of the famous poem by Robert Frost.

“The Road Less Traveled,” isn’t it?

“Frost is never quite that simple, and as David Orr argues, one mark of his trickiness is that the poem’s real title–“The Road Not Taken”–refers to that other road, the unchosen and presumably more-traveled one.”

— Michael Gorra’s article “Sorry I Could Not Travel Both” on the book by David Orr (The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, September 5-6, 2015)